Tim Cahill key to Jamshedpur FC’s season, says Cesar Ferrando

Jamshedpur FC
The Australian is key to Jamshedpur FC’s chances in the league, believes Jamshedpur FC head coach Cesar Ferrando...

The legendary Tim Cahill deciding to ply his trade for the relatively new franchisee of Jamshedpur was the news of the summer.

It should come as no surprise that there are huge expectations from the fans and the newly appointed Jamshedpur FC head coach Cesar Ferrando. The Spanish international believes that Tim Cahill spearheading the frontline will be key to Jamshedpur FC’s successful season in the Indian Super League (ISL)

“Tim Cahill has to play like a striker. We can play two strikers and he is one of them. We have seven international players and we can only field five. Tim is very important to us. He is an example for the rest of the team," Ferrando said.

“For me, every coach and every match is an example. I don’t make comparisons. I work very hard, I try to win every match and at the end of the season you can analyse if your work was good," he added. 

Cesar had positive words for the Indian players in the squad. However, the Spanish international made it clear that every place in the team has to be fought for by the players.

“The Indian players want to learn and that is a very good quality. They have to work hard and understand the game. When you are losing you have to press more and when you are winning you have to press less. They have to adapt to different situations. If they do well they get a chance in the first team.”

The Jamshedpur FC coach brought in three Spanish internationals this season, Sergio Cidoncha, Pablo Morgado and Mario Arques. The head coach believes that these players will add quality to the existing squad.

“I signed three Spanish players this time because for me it becomes very easy to communicate. They all are very good players. All the players must work together. The Indian players and the foreigners together can win us matches”

Cesar had great things to say about the training facilities in India. The Spaniard appeared satisfied with the services provided to him and his team ahead of the fifth edition of the ISL.

“The facilities in Jamshedpur are very good. I am happy with the ground, the gym, the place where we stay. Also, a new swimming will be built soon. Our training facilities are very good this season.”