'Number One' Quaresma drives fans wild with trivela wonderstrike

Quaresma Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Irã Copa do Mundo 25 06 2018Getty Images

Portugal's Ricardo Quaresma is not exactly the most prolific of scorers, but when the enigmatic winger does find the back of the net, it is usually worth watching! 

The 34-year-old has never quite followed through on the potential he showed as a teenager at Sporting, despite stints at Barcelona, Inter and Besiktas among other clubs. 

But he was on target when it counted on Monday with his 10th international goal to put Portugal clear in a crucial World Cup clash against Iran. 

The manner of the goal, moreover, was classic Quaresma, boring in from the right wing and curling the ball home with an incredible outside of the foot strike. 

The 'trivela' is something of a speciality for the veteran trickster, who earned the plaudits of the football world for his fantastic strike. 

What is a trivela?

Quaresma's distinctive trivela is the art of hitting the ball with the outside of the boot, creating a wicked swerve on the shot that can cause no end of trouble for an unsuspecting goalkeeper. 

One of the toughest shots to master, Portugal's star is among a select list of stars known for their ability with the outside of their boot. Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric is another top exponent, although the Croatian tends to utilise the trick in his passing in order to swiftly change the direction of play and catch the opposing defence unawares. 

Another example of such a hit is Roberto Carlos' famous free-kick to down France with Brazil.