Nico Nyagawa warns Singida United against Complacency

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Former attacking midfielder has warned Singida United that they cannot afford to relax after their impressive start in the league this season

Confidence is a funny thing because people can be confident while having very little skill. 

In other words, being blind to your own weaknesses, or worse, blind to the reality that you have weaknesses makes you overconfident. Ignorance of your own ignorance creates overconfidence. This kind of overconfidence has consumed some great clubs like Leicester City as well as some players because they were blind to what created their success. Blindness to your own weaknesses is why overconfidence is a silent killer.

The former Simba attacking midfielder, Nico Nyagawa is not impressed by Singida United attitude towards their opponents in Ligi Kuu Bara despite the league being competitive this season due to presence of organized and prepared teams.

Nyagawa who is well remembered by Simba supporters for his award winning braces when Simba defeated Yanga 2-0 on October, 2005 has mentioned Azam and Singida United and praised the teams for their good form in the league.

 “I can see the league is tight, I think you can see it too,” said the three times Ligi Kuu Bara winner who played for Mtibwa Sugar and Simba where he ended his career after helping them to win the league in 2011/12.

 “When Azam were transforming their team and some people scorned them thinking it was their downfall. They are now impressive in the league and other tournaments. They are in the second place in the league after collecting 30 points from 14 games, two points behind the leaders Simba who are seating at the top of the table with 32 points.”

Singida United have won seven of their first 14 league games this season under their new manager Hans van der Pluijm with 26 points, third in the league table behind the second placed Azam.

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Singida are clearly favourites for victory, and deservedly so, but if complacency creeps in or they aren't at their best they will probably be punished. There are no routine games in the Ligi Kuu Bara - Simba's own rise to the summit has proven that.

“Singida are good, They have confidence and strong team. They are not just physical, they start with the ball and try to play a good football and they have had good results away from home. But they have one weakness of not respecting their opponents, they see every opponent as a normal team and this will cost them in the competition,” added Nyagawa.

Every game is difficult in the Ligi Kuu Bara and the quality on the pitch will always be a challenge for them. They should not be complacent.