Women footballers earn nothing from their clubs, claims survey

FB/Kemi Famuditi
Most women footballers around the world earn nothing from their clubs according to a research by professional footballers representative organisation

Despite the women's game experiencing fair growth and development globally, most women's footballers are not been paid by their clubs, according to a report by FIFPro.

The study also revealed that female players are not regarded as professionals like the men with half of the players unsure of the status as they have no written contracts let alone earn salaries.

FIFPro's study analysed the 'Working Conditions in Professional Women's Football' by a team at the University of Manchester after interviews with 3000 players in top women's leagues in 33 nations across the world.

The findings revealed that about players cannot rely on football as a full-time job, forcing the majority to study and work - even combine both with playing as professionals.

While match-fixing approaches are already been made, 66 percent of female players are unhappy with the unfair share of prize money allotted to women's football tournaments.

It also gathered that few married with kids enjoy no childcare support, leaving 90 percent considering early retirement to start a family and pursue other full-time careers outside the game.

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Apart from facing poor pay, it also further established that some female players face gender discrimination, homophobia and racism attacks as well as sexual harassment.

For those international players, little has changed for better as only a few have a written contract with their various football associations, while many others endure a long wait and others earning nothing for playing for their country.

Based on the analysed survey, FIFPro has concluded that more advocacies will be made for decent, fair working conditions for female footballers hoping to pursue their careers and be regarded as professionals.