How Ronaldo TOLD Moutinho he was taking a penalty against Poland



If there was any doubt as to Cristiano Ronaldo's authority in the Portugal dressing room, it was on full display before their penalty shootout victory over Poland.

The Real Madrid star, who shot first for his country and scored, decided to take charge as Fernando Santos' players were deciding who would step up from 12 yards.

One apparently reluctant candidate was midfielder Joao Moutinho - but new footage shows the technically adept Monaco player was quickly told by his captain that he would not be ducking out.

"Hey! Hey! Come kick, come kick," Ronaldo shouts towards the dugout, where Moutinho appears to be doing his best to keep a low profile.

"Come. You hit them well! If we lose then f*** it! Be strong, come on, be strong. You hit them well, come on!"

Moutinho then emerges from the bench not looking entirely convinced, at which point Ronaldo reminds him: "It's in God's hands now."

Ronaldo's pep talk paid off - Moutinho scored his penalty and Portugal went five-for-five from the spot to progress to the Euro 2016 semi-finals, where they will face Wales.