Hill's Twitter warning for FFA as he takes aim at 'keyboard warriors'

The well-respected broadcaster believes those in power should steer clear of the social media platform

After Football Federation Australia chairman Chris Nikou caused a Twitter storm on Sunday with his comments regarding promotion and relegation in Australia, Simon Hill believes the platform is more trouble than what it's worth for the FFA board members that were left attempting to clarify his comments. 

Both Remo Nogarotto and Joseph Carrozzi took to Twitter as they stressed Nikou's comments were more of a personal opinion rather than any binding date the FFA were tied to.  

Despite being proactive, some of their efforts fell on deaf ears with a few questioning the lack of communication between all on the board and Hill ultimately suggesting the social media platform was best left alone in such situations. 

"There’s a key word here: Twitter. Stay off it if you’re an FFA board member," Hill said on the Fox Football Podcast

"I understand why people are on it, even Remo Nogarotto, he wants to engage people and feels that’s a platform where he can.

"Sometimes it doesn’t do the board or the game any favours. 

"It is one of the reasons I’m not on Twitter because you can get involved in conversations that you might not have the best knowledge of and also you’ve got a large coterie of people just there to hang crap on people in power." 

Hill praised Nikou for simply turning up at the Football Writers Festival in Jamberoo and being open to questions from an audience that was never going to go easy on him.

While Nikou was grilled in person on Sunday, Hill believes social media is allowing 'keyboard warriors' to cause trouble without actually attempting to provide solutions for the game.

"We all know at the moment the FFA isn't the most popular governing body in Australia…but there’s this huge band of keyboard warriors that throw grenades and sling mud at the FFA," he said.

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"The FFA have actually organised a series of community forums right around the country - the attendance at them has been really poor in some places.

"I hosted the Sydney one last week, there were less than 40 people there in a city of 4-5 million. Ok, it was out at Valentine Park maybe that’s not convenient, the time not great, the weather.

"But if you’re as passionate as you say you are keyboard warriors, where were you to actually face these people down or are you just content to sit on the sidelines and sling mud?"