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'Get well soon Emma' - Chelsea players show support to Hayes with special warm-up shirts

13:43 BST 16/10/2022
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Chelsea players will have 'Get well soon Emma' on the back of their warm-up shirts as a show of support to manager Emma Hayes who remains sidelined.
  • Hayes to undergo an emergency hysterectomy
  • Will be out for an extended period
  • Players come out in support of the manager

WHAT HAPPENED? The Chelsea Women's manager is set for a lengthy layoff as she had to undergo an emergency hysterectomy as a result of her ongoing battle against endometriosis. The Chelsea men's and women's teams will show support to the tactician by wearing special warm-up shirts with the message: 'Get well soon Emma' written on their backs.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Hayes will be out of action for a few months with Denise Reddy and Paul Green being put in charge on on-field decision making.

WHAT NEXT FOR CHELSEA FC WOMEN? Reddy and Green's first assignment comes against Everton away from home on Sunday in the Women's Super League. Meanwhile, the men's side faces Aston Villa on the same day.