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FAM come down hard on 6 errant teams

04:55 BST 28/07/2018
Petaling Jaya Rangers head coach Mat Zan Mat Aris 2017
FAM have punished 6 teams for their financial mismanagement and all are required to pay up their arrears to former players and staffs.

Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) have released a statement regarding the salary issues raised by various parties and have come down hard at each club to cough up the overdue payments.

Chaired by Status Committee Chairman Joehari Ayub, they decided that six teams will have to pay up within the next 30 days or risk futher punishment from FAM.

The full results are as follow;

  • Kelantan Football Association to pay Mohd Noor Hazrul Bin Mohd Mustafa RM55,000 (subject to PCB deductions)
  • PJ Rangers Football Club to pay RM330,000 to Mohd Zan Bin Mat Aris due on contractual termination.
  • ATM FA to pay Abdulafees Abdulsalam USD$180,000 (subject to PCB deductions) for overdue wages
  • Pulau Pinang Football Association to pay the following eight players 
    • Mafry Balang (RM76,000)
    • Muhamad Faizat bin Mohamad Ghazli (RM48,000)
    • Sani Anuar Bin Kamsani (RM80,000)
    • Muhammad Rafiuddin Bin Roddin (RM60,000)
    • Reuben Kathirupillai (RM40,000)
    • Muhammad Jafri Bin Muhammad Firdaus Chew (RM28,000)
    • Shazalee Ramlee (RM25,000)
    • Syed Adney Bin Syed Hussein (RM20,000)
  • Terengganu City Football Club to pay Roshadi Bin Wahab RM60,000 (overdue wages) and RM120,000 (termination of contract)
  • Kuantan FA to pay the following former player and staffs
    • Abdul Malik Bin Mat Ariff (RM70,000 subject to PCB deductions) because of overdue wages
    • Ismail bin Zakaria RM100,000 (overdue wages) and RM200,000 (termination of contract)
    • Mohd Shurki Bin Ismail RM96,000 (overdue wages)
    • Rusdi Bin Suparman RM60,000 (overdue wages)
    • Mohd Faris Bin Ismail RM24,000 (overdue wages) and RM48,000 (termination of contract)
    • Azlisham Bin Ibrahim RM52,000 (overdue wages) and RM91,000 (termination of contract)

Even when football in Malaysia are in its 24th year of professional football, it seems that financial mismanagement still remain a pertinent and unsolvable problem for the sport. No doubt, this hearing of complaints from is unlikely to be the last of its kind.