EXTRA TIME: Jerome Damon on how VAR will improve refereeing in Africa

Fifa’s Referee Development Officer in Africa, Jerome Damon spoke to Safa Media after a VAR workshop

The former South African referee Jerome Damon was highly excited about the use of VAR in Africa, after hosting a Caf VAR Workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa.

One can view Twitter images from the workshop below.






Damon is a strong supporter and believer in the use of VAR, and he discusses how it's being slowly implemented by Caf and how the system is already becoming successful.

Here are parts of Damon's interview quotes with Safa on VAR:

“We only have a few referees who are qualified to operate the VAR system or officiate in matches where this technology is used,” Damon told Safa.

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“The intention is having as many referees as possible because we now only have a few. CAF has already started using the VAR system in their competitions such as in the previous CAF Champions League two-legged final and the CAF Super Cup as well.”

“There is a big call for match officials to always get their decisions right at all times. This VAR technology will play a hand in making sure that such decisions are made in matches. FIFA has made it very clear that the VAR technology is here to stay. And that is because it is the future of refereeing in the sport.”

“Stats have proven that the VAR technology has played a part in the massive drop of disciplinary sanctions regarding players fighting with referees over a decision they were not happy about,” said Damon.