'EA Sports needs to take a better look at my hair! - Sancho not happy with character likeness in FIFA 20

Jadon Sancho, Borussia Dortmund
The 19-year-old believes his passing ability has been underrated in the new edition, but it is the bad hairstyle that bothers him most

Borussia Dortmund star Jadon Sancho has aired his frustration at EA Sports once again, this time for getting his hairstyle wrong in the new FIFA game.

The 19-year-old winger took to Twitter to criticise EA after the release of FIFA 20 earlier this month, arguing his passing ability has been underrated this year.

Sancho scored 12 goals and made 14 assists in the Bundesliga last season and is off to a great start this term, netting three and setting up four in five league games.

And the England international has reiterated that his character in the game should be even better, but he urged the developers to sort out his hair first and foremost.

"My tattoo has to be in the next part of FIFA," Sancho said to Kicker .  "In addition, EA should take a closer look at my hair to get my hair done better. Because actually my hair has a transition on the sides, but not in FIFA 20. That bothers me when I see it in the game."

He continued: "I always look immediately for my rating in FIFA. This year my rating should have been better - especially my passing value. That's why on Twitter I complained to EA. But I'm sure the number will increase over the course of the season.

"Of course it's very important to me. I don't like to see FIFA fall come up short with my ratings. But my numbers speak for themselves: if you look at what I did last season, how many assists I gave, that does not fit in with my rating in FIFA."

The former Manchester City academy star revealed his strategy when it comes to the Ultimate Team mode, saying he tries to get his friends on his side.

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"First I try to buy my friends: Reiss Nelson, Marcus Edwards, generally many players from England," he said. "Of course, I also get my card as fast as possible and all my team-mates from Borussia Dortmund. But that's not always easy, because a few players are too expensive for my team in the beginning.

"When I play Ultimate Team, I just look at the strength of the players. I don't care about chemistry, so FIFA should work on that in my opinion: the chemistry should not be decisive.

"There's a big difference [from real life], it's not a game after all. When a new player joins the team, it always takes a few weeks for him to get used to the new environment and the system."