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Durand Cup 2019: Mohun Bagan’s Antonio Vicuna - Both teams have equal chance of winning

12:30 BST 23/08/2019
Kibu Vicuna Mohun Bagan
Mohun Bagan’s Spanish boss is cautious yet confident ahead of the Durand Cup final against Gokulam Kerala…

Antonio Vicuna is just six matches old at Mohun Bagan and it will be a dream start to the Spaniard’s campaign if Bagan can cross the Gokulam Kerala hurdle on Saturday and bring home their 17th Durand Cup title.

While the Spanish boss is confident about his team’s performance, he in no way is belittling the opposition ahead of the final. On Gokulam Kerala, Vicuna opined, “Gokulam are a good team, they have good players. Last game they played in different shapes.

“Of course their Captain (Marcus) Joseph has scored many goals. I think that is their strength. Henry Kisekka is also a good player. Overall they are a good team and they will be a tough opponent.”

Echoing rival coach Alejandro Menendez’s words, Vicuna suggested that in tournaments like Durand which happens during the pre-season, they should allow five changes if the game goes to extra time. He also advised the organisers to scrap the extra time after 90 minutes keeping in mind the humid weather conditions.

“It is going to be very tough. Both teams played 120 minutes in this heat in the semifinal. Humidity is very high. The players need to recover soon. But we have to play of course and we will try to win. 

“I prefer to have five substitutions in extra time. These championships which happen in the preseason, in my opinion, they should change some rules like substitution. Also, they should avoid extra time in these humid conditions. But again no excuses from my side.”

The Mariners’ boss mentioned that his team has to improve in every aspect after each and every match. He said, “We have to improve in every aspect of the game. Defensively, offensively, transitions in set pieces. We have a lot of things to improve. We have just started the season. Hopefully, we are improving after every game. In my opinion, we played well last game.”

The Spaniard refused to tag themselves as favourites and suggested that if will be a 50-50 final. He said, “I don't think we are favourites. Both teams have the same possibility of winning. It is 50-50. I think both teams are equally good.”