Dollah Salleh is not happy with his quad despite picking up another win

Dollah Salleh
Despite their win, Dollah Salleh is not happy with his team's performance against Sarawak.

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Dollah Salleh, head coach of Pahang has expressed his dissapointment towards his team despite their 1-0 win over Sarawak.

Pahang continued their fine start to the season with an away win over Sarawak last weekend but according to Dollah, his team were second best on that night.

He slammed his team as ‘lost’ during the game and not playing up to the level that they can.

Speaking to Sarawak Voice after the match, Dollah said: “Thankfully we scored early and got the three points. But after that, we were at lost.”

“I know the quality of my players and that’s not how they usually play on the field. The team did not sustain good discipline throughout the 90 minutes and I’m not very satisfied with that.

“We scored early and I expect we could score two or three more but they lost their focus after they scored that goal.”

Pahang took the lead in the first 30 minutes of the game but had to defend for most parts of the game.

“In the final minutes of the game, we have to focus on defending as Sarawak were really attacking us back to back.”

“With our team were in haywire, the lack of focus at the back could have cost us the game. They also have the home crowd which disrupted us,” added Dollah.

Pahang is currently at the top of the table, collecting seven points so far after three games, and they will travel to Alor Setar to face Kedah next.


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