Deschamps blasts Velodrome pitch

A number of players struggled to keep their balance on the field during France's 2-0 victory over Albania on Wednesday and the 47-year-old was disappointed with the surface

Didier Deschamps has taken a swipe at the state of the Stade Velodrome's pitch after France's 2-0 victory over Albania on Wednesday, describing it as a "disaster".

Several players lost their footing during France's win, with victory secured through late goals from Antoine Griezmann and Dimitri Payet.

Australian rock band AC/DC played the Velodrome on May 13 as part of their current world tour, and Deschamps believes that the concert played a key role in the state of the turf.

"It’s a disaster but that’s not surprising. If you have an AC/DC concert a month before the European Championship and you are re-laying another turf," he said.

"We saw that in the opening game here [between England and Russia], the pitch is no good.

"I know UEFA are doing their best to rectify it but when I saw pictures of the pitch I thought 'oh my days'."

France's victory secured their progression to the knockout stages of the competition.