Chinese FA launches investigation after players accuse stadium security of assault

Players on second-tier Zhejiang Yiteng have accused security guards of an unprompted assault at half-time of their 1-1 draw with Yunnan Lijiang

The Chinese Football Association has launched an investigation into allegations that stadium security guards assaulted players from second-tier side Zhejiang Yiteng during a 1-1 draw with Yunnan Lijiang on Saturday.

That match saw the start of the second half delayed for 50 minutes, and Zhejiang Yiteng released a statement accusing security guards of a disturbing attack on their players at half-time.

"The electricity of our dressing room was suddenly cut off at half-time, and all the lights went out," the statement read.

"Then, dozens of security guards showed up unprompted and began beating up our players with batons. Erpat Dilxat, who got his name on the score-sheet in the first half, was injured in this assault."

The CFA issued a statement on Sunday confirming the organisation is looking into the allegations.

"A full investigation has taken place immediately after the incident happened," the statement said. "Any disciplinary offences will be dealt with severely according to law."

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A Yunnan Lijiang spokesman offered a different account of the event, saying security merely stepped in to prevent Zhejiang Yiteng players from harming the referees.

"Security forces felt the need to intervene when some of the players got into a brawl with the referees, who were being pushed and dragged," the spokesman said. "Only shields were used in the whole process and there was no violence. They didn’t resort to batons or any other riot gear.

"If they really told the truth, which means dozens of security guards turned off the lights and rushed into their dressing room to beat them up, how could they continue to play the second half after suffering such harm?"

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