Bizarre Norwich City 'pride wall' containing homophobic slurs slammed by their own LGBTQ+ fan group

Norwich LGBTQ+ 'Pride Wall'Norwich City FC

Proud Canaries, the LGBTQ+ fan group of Norwich City, have slammed their own club's attempt to mark Pride Month by unveiling a bizarre mural featuring several homophobic slurs phrases.

Norwich unveiled the "Pride Wall" at Carrow Road on Wednesday, a piece of art work which contains a large number of homophobic and transphobic slurs with occasional letters blocked out.

The wall was then covered by coloured paint, as thrown by Norwich fans and members of staff, with the club proclaiming it to be a "masterpiece" while promoting it on social media.

What is wrong with the Pride Wall?

The wall has not gone down well with all fans, with many pointing out that it amplifies derogatory terms by giving them greater visibility as part of officially club-sanctioned artwork.

The choice of words for the mural has also come into question, with twink, an inoffensive word used within the LGBTQ+ community, censored alongside grossly offensive terminology.

There is also confusion over the presence of some obscure and archaic terminology. Primary among these is sea queen, a term used to describe gay men who worked as sailors before the 1960s.

Norwich's presentation of the wall on social media has also come into question, with an image of the slurs on the wall - before being covered in coloured paint - posted online.

The club also posted a series of videos in which the slurs are clearly visible, before the paint is thrown to complete the mural in its current form.

What have Norwich fans said about the Pride Wall?

In a statement released on Thursday morning, Proud Canaries said: "We were asked to take part in the project. The impression given was that the film would record an upbeat occasion with players and fans alike throwing paint rainbows at a concourse wall to create an inclusive graffiti mural while discussing the negative impact of bigotry.

"Had we been briefed on the constantly in-view and in-focus abuse wall concept we would have firmly advised against and deemed it a deal breaker.

"The finished edit is far from positive. Viewers, including those from our community, are subjected to the sight of a lexicon of slurs - regulalrly used to target LGBTQ+ people - for almost the entire duration of the production.

That error of judgement was compounded exponentially yesterday with the launch tweet, ironically stating that 'this language is not okay' while platforming it.

"We've asked the club to delete the film in its current form, apologise publicly and work with us, Norwich Pride and the broader fan base to make good."

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