The best men's laceless football boots for 2022

best laceless boots
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Have you ever had that moment on a football pitch when you've had to stop because your laces are undone? Laceless boots have solved that problem and, in the process, have become an increasingly popular choice for players. You'll see more of your favourite players up and down the leagues wearing them.

It's not a style adopted by every brand. Still, Adidas is leading the way in amplifying the trend - which is why all the selections below are from that company. If the shoe fits and you prefer to ditch laces in favour of a pair of easy slip-on shoes, laceless boots may be the answer for you.

The football boots included in this article:

What's the difference between laceless football boots and laced football boots?

The obvious difference is that laceless football boots don't have a lace fastening on the shoe, which means no more laces coming undone whilst you're on the pitch. This means that the very construction of the football boot is designed not to be reliant on laces to fasten and lock you into the boot.

What are the benefits of laceless football boots?

The main benefit of laceless football boots is that you no longer have to worry about tying the shoes to your foot or the laces becoming loose. Laceless boots wrap around your foot and are built to easily slip in and out of - making your life easier. They also have a comfort advantage as they give a more sock-like fit around the foot.

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Here are the best laceless football boots that you can get right now.

Best overall laceless boot: Adidas X Ghosted.3

Adidas X Ghosted.3

Surface suitable for: Firm Grounds

The Adidas Ghosted are an unbeatable pair of laceless football boots, especially impressive given their price at just over £50.

The claw collar straps in the foot and keeps it nice and secure. The lightweight boots will also help you pick up speed on the pitch, whilst the mesh upper will keep your feet cool.

Meanwhile, the design is available in three colours: sunny yellow, shock pink and core black.

Get them from Adidas for £52.50

Best laceless boot for comfort: Adidas Nemeziz. 3

Adidas Nemeziz. 3

Surface suitable for: Firm ground

The Adidas Nemeziz is made to give you that bespoke fit - so say goodbye to ill-fitted shoes and sore heels and toes.

This boot is inspired by sports tape as the laceless upper has been designed by Adidas to wrap around the foot to maintain the most comfortable fit with an added agility mesh. The agility stud configuration will also give you good traction on firm ground.

Get them from Adidas for £52.50

Best laceless boot for speed: Adidas X Speedflow.3

Adidas X Speedflow.3

Surface suitable for: Firm Ground

The stunning candy blue and bubblegum pink colour are not the only good thing about the Adidas x Speedflow.3 - it has been specifically designed to enhance pace and speed.

The outsole gives you the best traction to supercharge your sprint. Meanwhile, the speed skin upper is breathable to keep your feet cool whilst making those pacy runs.

Get them from JD Sports for £75.00

Best laceless boot for skills: Adidas Copa Sense.3

Adidas Copa Sense.3

Surface suitable for: Astroturf

If skills are your speciality and getting those stepovers and dribbles past the centre-back is a feature of your game - then this is the perfect boot for you.

The leather forefoot on these laceless boots helps you fine-tune touches on the ball, and the flexible collar moulds to the foot shape, so you won't lose a boot halfway through a great run.

Get them from Adidas for £75.00

Best laceless boot for style: Adidas Predator Edge +

Adidas Predator Edge +

Surface suitable for: Firm ground

If you're looking for something in the Predator range with some pizazz, then the Edge + is the perfect pair of boots.

The textured zone skin on the upper in neon pink, backed by the grape purple boot, is a delicious colour pairing. The collar is sleek, and the Adidas three stripes in embossed silver is the fine detailing you would expect with a stylish boot of this pricepoint. Plus, the beautiful iridescent studs look like jewels.

Get them from Adidas for £230.00

Best laceless boot for sustainability: Adidas Predator Edge.3

Adidas Predator Edge.3

Surface suitable for: Firm ground

Brands are inching towards using more sustainable materials to craft football boots amidst the greater importance of making our consumer choices greener. This boot is beginning to embrace just that, with 25% of the upper made from 50% recycled materials.

Get them from Adidas for £85.00

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