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The best football socks you can buy in 2022

08:00 BST 02/10/2022
best football socks
Never take a pair of scissors to your kit again with these 8 pairs of great socks

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If the onset of winter has got you clamouring to stay warm out on the pitch, it helps to ensure you've got the kit right - and where better to start than with the socks?

Football socks don't carry the glamour that many other kit pieces do, so you're unlikely to see professional endorsements for these. But, they're vital to ensuring you stay focused on the game at hand, beat the winter chill and don't let your standards slip.

We've put together some of the best football socks you can get on the market today, depending on what you want out of your game.

The best football socks: our top three

Why do you need football socks?

Simply put, football socks are designed specifically with a single task in mind - to help you deliver on the pitch on matchday.

Football socks are explicitly designed to enhance and support your body, aiding you in delivering a better all-around game.

Why do some players cut the feet from their socks? 

In the past few years, there has been a trend of some football players cutting the feet off of their football socks. Even in the biggest leagues in the world, top players are chopping up official kit socks.

There is reason to the madness, though. Often, it is so a pair of extra-grippy socks can be worn on the feet to stop sliding around inside football boots, while some players find wearing a full pair of football socks restrictive because they can feel too tight on their calf muscles.

Recently, top footballing brands have caught on and designed split socks with either calf sleeves or stirrups so players can have grippy socks without taking scissors to their gear. 

Why do some players wear their socks low?

Players like Jack Grealish, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Francesco Totti are known for wearing their socks low. This can be at the annoyance of referees and match officials when amateurs try to copy their look.

But some players with particularly muscular calves can find long, tight socks restrictive and lowering them can help relieve some of that tension. Split socks can also remedy some of that discomfort.

Here are the best football socks that you can get right now:

Nike Academy

Best overall football sock

Sometimes, all you need is the basics, and we believe that the Nike Academy is one of the best you can get, despite its deceptive simplicity. In fact, that's part of the appeal - this is a straight-up, top-of-the-table football sock with minimal fuss and plenty of invention.

Arch support with sweat-relieving design delivers a comfortable product, while its over-the-calf design allows for the full stretch and range you'd want to find on a garment like this. Throw in a reinforced heel and toe component, and it provides the cushioned balance you'll demand with no problem at all.

Get them from Nike for £9.95

Under Armour HeatGear Crew

Best value football socks

There's no need to break the bank for a pair of football socks. This Under Armour HeatGear-infused option isn't the cheapest on the market at first glance, but it comes in a three-pack, bringing great value for overall money.

Its fabric design wicks away sweat to keep your feet cool, while a Dynamic Arch design helps reduce overall fatigue across the bridge of the limb - and with a trio of pairs for the price of one elsewhere, you won't be shortchanged on your budget.

Get them from Under Armour for £10.00

Kipsta F500

Best stirrup football socks

Remember when we mentioned that many players like to cut their socks to suit their personal needs? These Kipsta F500 stirrups will save you from needing to resort to your own handiwork.

Its bottom band is thin but durable, perfect for weathering the wear and tear of frequent match days without the concern that it will snap under pressure. An anatomic design will shape itself to help provide additional bone coverage against impact.

Get them from Decathlon for £2.49

TapeDesign Grip

Best football socks for grip

There's nothing worse in a big game than feeling your feet go from under you because your kit isn't quite right - but these socks from TapeDesign will ensure you stick to the soles of your boots to deliver a seamless response technique.

Rubber pads across the underfoot help generate a sturdy grip and cut the risk of accidental traction and injury. At the same time, a soft elastic finish allows further freedom of movement through the ankle and lower leg.

Get them from Sports Direct for £20.00

Nike Squad

Best low-profile football socks

The increased popularity of low-profile socks has seen the crew cut become more frequent across retailers and suppliers - and you'll know that you'll get a well-honed product if you pick up the Squad from Nike.

Made with the company's typical sweat-wicking fabric and additional cushioned reinforcement to help add extra durability throughout, its smaller cut allows natural exposure to the elements above the ankle.

Get them from Nike for £9.95

adidas Milano 16

Best adidas football socks

Looking for a classic vibe for your football socks? This Milano 16 effort from Adidas will do the trick, bringing modern methods to a smart old-school design that will allow you to throw it all back to yesteryear on the pitch.

Added mesh inserts provide further ventilation, while a ribbed design around the cuffs, ankle, and instep ensures optimal fit for whoever wears it. Top it off with the Aeroready tech to keep you cool in a pinch, and this is a fine sock to have, whatever the game.

Get them from adidas for £6.00

Nike Classic

Best Nike football socks

A bright, chunky addition to any wardrobe, the Classic delivers a traditional over-the-calf design with a few tweaks to make it count.

Each pair comes anatomically designed to support the left or right foot specifically, meaning there's no need to mix them up - one will suit one foot and vice versa. A cushioned heel helps support impact as you pound down the pitch - and DriFIT tech keeps you insulated from the elements.

Get them from Nike for £7.95

Umbro ProTex Grip

Best Umbro football socks

Keep your grip intact with the ProTex - a low-profile, ultra-stable sock that features a serious tech kick to keep you on top of the game.

Its non-slip design stimulates nerve endings to increase blood circulation, and double-density padding across the ankle offers vital reinforcement for hard challenges. You can buy an additional sleeve if you wish to give it further length.

Get them from Umbro for £22.00

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