Uefa unveil Euro 2016 logo

With three years to go until the tournament, UEFA have released the emblem at an event held at the Pavillion Cambon Capucines in the heart of the French capital
Uefa have unveiled the logo for the 2016 European Championships at a ceremony Paris' Pavillion Cambon Capucines in France.

The theme of the 2016 tournament is 'celebrating the art of football' and the design hopes to encapture both the artistic theme and the identity of the host nation.

Designed by Brandia Central, the Portuguese agency that designed the Euro 2012 logo, it is focused around the Henri Delaunay Cup with a strong red white and blue colour scheme, staying strong to French traditions.

The tournament will be the first to feature 24 nations, eight more than the current format, and the qualification stage will also see Gibraltar debut in an official FIFA commissioned tournament.

The draw for the qualifying round will take place on 9th March 2014, in Nice.