Pranked Casillas is not heading back to Real Madrid

Rumours were swirling round that the Porto goalkeeper had received an offer from new Madrid head coach Zinedine Zidane, but something wasn't quite right...


Iker Casillas back to Real Madrid - it couldn’t possibly happen, could it?

As the rumour mill kicked into overdrive on Monday as Rafael Benitez faced the sack, it was claimed Zinedine Zidane, who has since taken over as the new Madrid boss, wanted Casillas to make a sensational Bernabeu return. 

Spanish radio station Cadena SER revealed that the ex-France international had phoned the goalkeeper to ask if he would be interested in making a comeback. 

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However, while it turns out there was a phone call, it had nothing to do with Zidane. 

Cadena SER, a couple of hours later, rectified their mistake, explaining that the person phoning Casillas was in fact someone from a French show impersonating the new Los Blancos boss. 

Casillas, who joined Madrid from Porto in the summer, took it well, publishing a tweet featuring a funny video which seemed to confirm he had indeed been called by a prankster. 

He also told Infosport+ he would not be heading back to the Spanish capital: “I won’t return to Real Madrid, at least not until a lot more time has passed.”