'Why do you always look so sad?' - Wilshere & other Arsenal stars pranked by young fans

Despite the disappointment of not interviewing Aaron Ramsey or Mesut Ozil, the supporters launch into a string of difficult questions... but Per Mertesacker is more than a match


Jack Wilshere, Per Mertesacker and other Arsenal stars have been pranked by young Gunners fans.

With interviews set up with some angelic-looking faces, the players are immediately put on the back foot when asked why they were sitting down and not expected interview subjects Aaron Ramsey or Mesut Ozil.

First question out of the gate is how to says "goal" in Welsh... which, as expected, stumps everyone - though Hector Bellerin gives his best shot at an answer.

The star of the show is Mertesacker with answers to some supposedly difficult questions. Watch below!