Platini: Introducing goal-line technology would be a historical mistake

The clamour for confirmation over whether a ball has crossed the line has grown following Ukraine’s 'ghost' goal against England, but the Uefa chief is strongly against any changes
Uefa president Michel Platini believes Fifa would be making a “historical mistake” if they introduced goal-line technology, following growing calls for its introduction after Ukraine were denied a goal against England in their Euro 2012 Group D clash.

Tests are currently taking place to find a reliable system which could be introduced to provide clarity as to whether a ball has crossed the line.

However, despite Fifa president Sepp Blatter backing the use of goal-line technology, Platini remains against the idea and is unsure as to whether he would be interested in taking up Blatter’s role in the future.

"For the moment, I am not the leader of Fifa,” Platini told the Independent. “I don't know if I will be the next president of Fifa.
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"But I think that the British and Fifa are making, for me, a historical mistake. It's a historical mistake. That's my view."

The Frenchman was behind the introduction of two extra officials behind either goal in Champions League and Europa League games, as well as Euro 2012, and he believes there could be a number of potential problems with goal-line technology.

"I have a problem with technology,” he added. “In three years of the Champions League and Europa League we have had no mistakes. Twelve times the ball went over the line and the additional referees saw it and decided.

"Many penalties and fouls - with the exception of Ukraine's 'goal' against England were decided by the [refereeing] team.

"But why I am against the technology of the video referee is because on the Ukraine goal there was offside at the beginning. If you want technology for the goal - what do we do if it's offside before? It means that the action has to be stopped before. That's why I am against technology. Where do we go?

"Every time there is a goal we come back and at the beginning of the action there is a clear offside - what do we do?

"I am totally against it. Let's have humans. I remain consistent. It's not a question of goal-line technology - it's the question of the beginning of technology in football. That I am totally against it."