Arsenal helping Polish FA to produce better stewards for Euro 2012 amid hooliganism concerns

Co-hosts confirm that they have signed a deal with the Gunners to help produce better stewards, as the threat of hooliganism remains a worry ahead of the tournament
The Polish FA has confirmed that they have signed a deal with Arsenal concerning training stewards for the European Championship next year, which they host along with Ukraine.

There have been problems concerning hooliganism in the past in Poland, and the country has sought assistance from the Gunners to ensure that order is maintained in the stadia.

Poland's under-secretary of state of the ministry of sport and tourism, Tomasz Polgrabski, confirmed that a deal is in place with the north London club concerning a programme for stewards.

"Our FA has signed a contract with Arsenal," he said, according to The Independent.

"Our staff went to Arsenal to learn how to teach the stewards. Now we have a programme to implement and are producing better stewards who are well qualified and are capable of dealing with matters as they arise."

Polgrabski also admitted that hooliganism is a problem that needs addressing, but maintained that the issue is one that plagues the entire continent and not just Poland.

"It [Hooliganism] is a worry," he said. "We are paying a lot of attention in this area and are treating this problem seriously.

"The government has already closed some stadiums and we want to convince clubs to help us fight against hooliganism.

"We have passed some laws and are looking at other solutions like not being able to put things on that cover your face. If you do that, you can be arrested.

"We will work together with the police and the secret service but it is not a problem that we can ever solve and feel it has gone away because it is not only in Poland, but all over Europe."

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