Mourinho: If Ronaldo is sad but plays like he does, that's perfect for me

The Santiago Bernabeu boss insists he has nothing to worry about regarding the Portuguese forward, despite speculation mounting over whether he might leave La Liga over his sadness
Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho has shrugged off concerns about Cristiano Ronaldo's sadness, so long as he continues to perform to a high standard on the field.

After los Blancos’ 3-0 victory over Granada nearly two weeks ago, the former Manchester United forward told reporters he had not celebrated properly after his goals because he was sad for professional reasons.

During the international break that followed, the Portugal star insisted it was not money-related, but Mourinho is not bothered about the speculation if his form remains high.

"If Ronaldo is sad and plays like he plays, perfect for me," the ex-Chelsea coach told reporters on Friday afternoon. "I'll say the same thing: I coach football and my responsibility is our results.

"I have responsibility for the performance of my players. And if something goes wrong, you kill me.

"Ronaldo trains 100 per cent, sometimes he does it good or not, but he's a team player, always disciplined in training - he’s exemplary.

"I don't have to worry with things that are superficial and not fundamental."

Mourinho accepted that, as head coach at the Santiago Bernabeu, he must take responsibility for negative results, but insists his No.7’s performances are down to the individual.

"My responsibilities in Ronaldo's case? I have only a few responsibilities, in the positive performance of the players," the two-time Champions League winning coach continued.

"As Cristiano is playing well for so many years, the credit is his. I'm just a football coach, with increased responsibility, but nothing more."

The former Inter boss refused to criticise the Portugal international star for going public about his discontent, and he says he is more concerned with getting Madrid’s league form back on track after beating Barcelona over two legs in the Super Cup.

"It didn't bother me that Ronaldo came out to mixed zone to expose his personal sadness," Mourinho added.

"I have ambitions at this level of the game and results. Last year we got high on both aspects. And this is what I want this season.

"The match against Barcelona has offset my disappointment in the league, but the Super Cup is history, and is also the least important trophy and we must move on."

The Real Madrid boss insists that Ronaldo could do with some time out of the spotlight after the media frenzy over his comments during the international break.

"These has been two fantastic weeks for the press," Mourinho jibed. "Without games, without emotion, with these [Ronaldo’s] statements - it’s been perfect for the press.

"But Ronaldo now needs peace, quiet, and to play football, which is what he likes the best, and what he likes to do."