Real Madrid's Jose Mourinho fines Iker Casillas after keeper is caught in traffic jam and turns up late for training

The Spain captain revealed on his Facebook account that he had been held up on the motorway and even posted a photograph, but didn't escape punishment from the Portuguese coach
Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas has been fined by coach Jose Mourinho after he turned up late for training on Monday morning, even though he was caught in a traffic jam in the Spanish capital.

The Madrid captain was held up in long tailbacks due to torrential rain in the city, and failed to reach the club's training ground in time for the start of the morning session.

The popular shot-stopper revealed the reasons on Facebook and even posted a picture to back up his claims, but says his explanation fell on deaf ears with Mourinho, as the Portuguese coach imposed a fine for his tardiness.

"The week has started badly," Casillas wrote on the social networking site.

"Madrilenos and non-Madrilenos; we have been faced with traffic jams and me, in particular, with a fine from Mourinho for arriving late to the training session. I attach the proof!!!"