Moggi: Incapable idiots Inter deserved to lose before Calciopoli

The former Juventus chief has taken a swing at Massimo Moratti and the Nerazzurri as he continues his fight for compensation after seeing his prison sentence written off this week
Former Juventus general manager Luciano Moggi has branded Inter "incapable idiots" and says they only have themselves to blame for losing out on the Serie A title in 2006.

Inter were awarded the 2005-06 Scudetto after Juve were stripped of the title and relegated to Serie B following the Calciopoli scandal.

Moggi, who was in charge of the Bianconeri back then, was acquitted this week of two counts of sporting fraud and saw a third charge of conspiracy expire.

And the 77-year-old, who has been vocal in his condemnation of the Calciopoli investigation, has now taken a swipe at the Nerazzurri's transfer policy at the time.

"Inter didn't win because they were incapable idiots. I wasn't the one who bought Vampeta, Taribo West and Hakan Sukur," he told Radio 24 and La Repubblica.

"Ultimately, I was banned from football because I locked referee Gianluca Paparesta in the toilet in Reggio Calabria. Yet the prosecutor in the Cassation trial said I did not lock him in there.

"That's what the sporting justice system punished me for. I could have threatened him with libel but Paparesta never accused me.

"The truth is that Paparesta was afraid of what he had done, as he made us lose the game with Reggina with his mistake.

"They said we had an exclusive rapport with the refereeing designators, then even [former Inter president] Massimo Moratti admitted that wasn't true, as Inter spoke to them, too.

"They said my visits to the referee's dressing room were 'breaking in,' then admitted the rules meant I was allowed to go there. I did get angry, but that's another issue, and Paparesta never actually accused me of threatening him.

"The accusation of some vast conspiracy is laughable. Aside from Massimo De Santis, who was punished for a game that didn't involve Juventus, all the referees were cleared. So who was I fixing the league with? It's ridiculous.

"The truth is the statute of limitations lets the courts off the hook rather than me."