Cambiasso: Italians are not racist, they just sing songs to get a reaction

The Argentine midfielder has downplayed the racism problem in Italy, claiming fans only do it to wind up the other team, and is also deilghted at Diego Milito's comeback
Inter midfielder Esteban Cambiasso believes that the recent racist incidents in Serie A are not necessarily the result of a racist attitude in Italy - rather fans do it to get a reaction out of the opposition.

There has been a well-documented racism problem in Italian football, with high-profile names such as Mario Balotelli and Kevin-Prince Boateng the victims of abuse.

However, Cambiasso claims that supporters are not racist, but they engage in racist songs and chants merely as an attempt to wind up the opposition.

"I don't think Italians are racist," Cambiasso told Mediaset.

"Insults are part and parcel of the game and everyone does what they can to wind up the other team."

The holding midfielder then went on to discuss Diego Milito's return to match action after a lengthy spell on the sidelines, and admitted that his emotions got the best of him after his compatriot's goals against Sassuolo at the weekend.

He also hopes Javier Zanetti will make a similar comeback once he has recovered from his Achilles injury.

"I got quite emotional when he scored his first, I was almost in tears," he added.

"Hopefully Javier will make a great comeback just like Milito."