Uefa must help Italian football, says Marotta

The Juventus official has urged European football's governing body to act claiming lower tax brackets elsewhere have hurt Serie A, and added that a process of reform is necessary
Juventus general director Giuseppe Marotta feels Uefa must intervene to help Italian football close the financial gap with other nations.

Marotta believes that varying tax regimes across Europe are one of the reasons why Serie A clubs are no longer able to pay the same transfer fees and wages as foreign sides and thinks European football's governing body could play a role in changing the situation.

"The varying tax regimes in other countries are penalising Italian football," Marotta told reporters.

"These need to be harmonised because otherwise they create disparity, which is why I hope Uefa intervene."

The Bianconeri official then went on to say that it's vital for Italian clubs to start a process of gradual change and improve their facilities.

"It's essential Italian football undergoes reform, beginning with stadium facilities, most of which are currently in disrepair.

"We need new legislation on stadiums because one of the reasons we're lagging behind other countries is the difference in income from stadiums."