Zanetti set for Inter coaching role after retirement

El Pupi, who has made 587 appearances for the Nerazzurri, wants to extend his loyalty beyond a playing career and become a coach for his long-time club
Inter midfielder Javier Zanetti wants to remain in Italy after his playing career ends and says he will move into a coaching role for the Nerazzurri once he retires.

The Argentine spoke fondly of his home country, but said he wanted to continue working at the Serie A side where he has played since 1995.

"The club has given me a lot. My life is now in Italy and when I stop playing I will coach at Inter," he told Ole.

The 39-year-old Inter captain added: "It is all settled, I was good for the club all these years and that will continue in a new role. I will remain in Milan with my family."

But Zanetti also expressed his desire to continue charitable efforts supporting disenfranchised children in Argentina, but ruled out a permanent return to his homeland in the forseeable future.

"I often return to Argentina, but only for events or activities related to the Fondacion Pupi," he said. "And so it will continue to be."