Guardiola surrenders Bayern Munich dressing room to players

The Spaniard is having a personal office installed at the Allianz Arena to allow his stars the freedom to badmouth the coach without fear of reprisal
Pep Guardiola is planning to hand over control of the Bayern Munich dressing room to his players, so that they feel they can criticise him freely.

The Roten coach currently has access to an office opposite the entrance to the dressing rooms at the Allianz Arena, although Guardiola's predecessor Jupp Heynckes rarely opted to use it in order to remain closer to his players.

However, Guardiola is keen to allow his stars the freedom to talk openly - even critically - amongst themselves without fear of reprisal, and so has opted to establish a separate office for himself to give his players the chance for a little breathing space.

"It's a space for the team. It's their area," he was quoted as saying by Bild.

"In the dressing room they are joking, they are allowed to talk about anything without fear that I'm breathing down their necks. They may also speak badly about me."

Bayern begin their Bundesliga campaign against Borussia Monchengladbach on August 9.