Brazilian Football Confederation chief to face inquest

The head of the CBF will be investigated over his possible involvement in the imprisonment and death of a journalist
The president of the Brazilian Football Confederation, Jose Maria Marin, is to undergo an inquiry into his suspected connection with the death of journalist Vladimir Herzog.

Herzog was sent to prison and later died in 1975 during the military dictatorship in Brazil.

At the time, Marin was the Governor of Sao Paulo and after a request from Brazil great Romario for the case to be heard, politician Maria do Rosario has given the green light to the opening of an investigation.

"I think that everybody that is involved in a death of someone, torture or missing person cannot be in the public service of Brazil," Do Rosario told O Globo.

"This is becasue the person that made these things - if it can be proved - betrayed an ethical principle of human dignity and cannot be in a representative position."