River Plate hooligans sentenced to life imprisonment after murdering fellow supporter

Brothers Alan and William Schlenker were found guilty of Gonzalo Acro's death after shooting him back in August 2007, and will now spend the rest of their lives behind bars
Five River Plate football hooligans, including two brothers, have been sentenced to life in prison in Argentina after being found guilty of killing a fellow supporter.

Alan and William Schlenker, Ariel 'Colo' Luna, Ruben 'Oveja' Pintos and Pablo 'Cucaracha' Giron will spend the rest of their lives behind bars after being convicted of the murder of Gonzalo Acro.

The deceased was attacked whilst leaving a gym in Buenos Aires on August 7, 2009, and shot once in the leg and twice in the head; he died two days later in hospital.

A friend of the murdered man, Osvaldo Gaston Matera, was also shot in the back but survived, and acted as a key witness in the court proceedings.

The murder was the result of a power struggle within the Los borrachos del tablon River Plate hooligan organisation.

Martín 'Pluto' Lococo was also sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for his part in Mr Acro's death.