Cudicini blames Tottenham's FA Cup exit on Atkinson

Italian goalkeeper insists that the goal-line technology debate is irrelevant and the referee must take responsibility for Spurs' defeat to his former club at Wembley
Carlo Cudicini has suggested that the blame for Tottenham’s FA Cup loss should lie with Martin Atkinson after the referee wrongly allowed Chelsea’s second goal to stand.

Replays showed that the whole of the ball had not crossed the line, with Chelsea players Frank Lampard and John Terry also admitting that it wasn’t a goal.
Tottenham are 4/7 with Paddy Power to finish in the top four of the Premier League this season.

The controversy re-opened the debate for goal-line technology, but Cudicini says that it is Atkinson who must take responsibility.

“Everyone knows it wasn’t a goal,” he told the Daily Mirror. “I have to be honest; I wasn’t 100 percent sure whether the ball was in or out because I had two players in front of me. But the feeling was that it wasn’t.

“So everyone went to the linesman and asked him. He said ‘It’s not my decision; it is the referee’s decision’.

“And of course, as a referee you have to be 110 per cent sure to give a goal and it wasn’t, because it wasn’t a goal.”

The 38-year-old says he is in favour of technology being introduced, but on this occasion it was irrelevant.

He continued: “I’m in favour of technology. I have said so. But on Sunday I don’t think it was about the technology. It was about the referee being able to tell whether the ball was in or out.

“The ball wasn’t even near. So it was a strange decision.”

The FA and Premier League have been in support of introducing technology for a number of seasons and it now seems the move is not far away.

It is expected that FIFA will approve one of two new goal-line systems in July, but the FA are worried that there won’t be enough time to implement the technology for the start of next season.