Ranieri's plan to keep Vardy fresh: ban him from shooting!

Practice apparently does not make perfect for the Premier League's striking sensation, who has been banned from taking too many shots during training to save him for games
Jamie Vardy has revealed Claudio Ranieri's inventive method to keep the Leicester City striker fresh and focused: limit his shooting practice. 

Keeping your top striker from honing his ability in front of goal might sound counter-intuitive at first.

But according to Vardy, the Foxes manager has assured him that in this case, practice does not make perfect. 

“I don’t really get the chance to practise that much on my finishing because we have our shooting drills early in the week when the gaffer’s wanting me to rest my legs,” Vardy said after hitting the net twice against Sunderland on Sunday.

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“So normally, when there’s a bit of shooting, the gaffer tells me to go inside! I’ll keep doing that if it means I’m saving my legs - and goals - for games.” 

The eccentric ex-Chelsea boss has been one of the highlights of the Premier League season, and with secrets like the above it is no surprise to hear Vardy admit sessions at the club often resemble a comedy club. 

“We’re always laughing,” he said.

“In training we’re always having a laugh and a joke. That’s just how we are, everyone’s relaxed – and the gaffer wants it to be like that.

"The good thing about this squad is we’re tight-knit. That’s how we’ve been from day one.”