Mourinho refuses to apologise for calling Wenger a 'specialist in failure'

The Chelsea manager was reacting to being branded "afraid to fail" after downplaying his title chances last season, but it's both can move on and focus on Sunday's clash
Jose Mourinho has refused to apologise to Arsene Wenger for the "specialist in failure" jibe he aimed at the Arsenal manager last season.

The Portuguese hit back at his counterpart in February for branding him "afraid to fail" after repeated assertions that his then-table-topping Chelsea side were not favourites for the Premier League title.

He told reporters: "I didn’t get an apology so I don’t apologise. My feeling is to get over it, forget it and to move forward without thinking about what happened, you don’t need to apologise.

"I don’t need to get an apology, I don’t need to apologise. Football people, intelligent people we don’t need that. Finish, move and let’s go for another match with a big responsibility for both of us.

"We manage two big clubs in London and have responsibility to have a good football match for millions of fans that both clubs have and the League has. So no problems."

Arsenal travel to Stamford Bridge on Sunday for the first time since a humiliating 6-0 loss in Wenger's 1000th game in charge, but Mourinho sees no reason to dwell on the result despite expecting to win again.

"The 6-0 is once every 50 years," said Mourinho. "Me against Arsene Wenger? I never had the pleasure to play one-on-one against him. It's Chelsea and Arsenal and even that doesn't play a part.

"What happens in the past, is the past. It's a difficult match against a good team."

"I expect a difficult match, it doesn’t matter their approach or what they try to do. They will always be a difficult opponent. But I always expect [to win] every game, every opponent. Nothing changes that."