QPR prima donnas do not work hard enough for their wages, says Derry

The 35-year-old veteran has launched an attack on some of his team-mates, claiming they are unappreciative and taking advantage of their success as QPR try to escape relegation
QPR midfielder Shaun Derry has criticised the work ethic of some of his team-mates, claiming they take things for granted even though the London club are staring relegation in the face.

Derry has admitted he is alarmed by the attitude of some of the Rs' high-paid stars, as Harry Redknapp attempts to revive the hopes of the struggling Loftus Road club.

"It really hurts when you see characters who have been at the club, and are still there, not appreciating what the game is all about," Derry told the QPR podcast Open All Rs.

"I'm very proud of what I've achieved to play at this level and I will never take it for granted and when you see players taking it for granted it hurts.

"Hand on heart, I don't resent anyone at the football club for what they earn. I know there are guys there that earn an absolute bucket-load, more than I could ever dream of earning. What I do get upset about is if they don't work hard to earn that.

"You have got to work hard for your money regardless of whether you earn £10 a week or £100,000. If they are doing it then the whole team are doing well by it by when they don't put the effort in it really hurts."

Derry made the move across London from Crystal Palace in 2010, recently putting pen to paper on a new deal at Loftus Road and cited his experience in the lower leagues as good grounding for the kind of challenge he faces this season.

"I am fully aware of the transitional period that the club has been in and is probably still in," he added. "What you have to understand is that I arrived as a Championship signing and I still see myself as the same person, regardless of what level I'm playing.

"I appreciate what the game is about, I will never point fingers or go public with my criticism of certain individuals, but you really do appreciate what you've got at Premier League level when you have played in the lower leagues."