Manchester City's achievements aren't appreciated, says Sergio Aguero

The Argentina international is frustrated with the lack of recognition and claims people shouldn't devalue their success because they feel the team was built with lots of money
Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero believes the club do not recieve the plaudits they should because of the money spent by the owners.

The 24-year-old believes the club won the Premier League title fair and square despite having trailed leaders Manchester United late on in the season, and says they deserve a lot of credit for doing so.

The Argentina international doesn't have much time for the club's detractors, believing that almost every side competing at the top end spends similar amounts of money.

"I do think that sometimes the real achievements of the team are not appreciated," he told Diario Ole.

"We are Premier League champions and we won that title fair and square. We won that title because we never gave up even when United held a lead that some called insurmountable - eight whole points.

"We were the best all throughout the tournament. Some people say this team was built up at the cost of a lot of money, as if that took away our merit. Like the other teams hadn't spent similar amounts.

"The summer trade season should be enough proof - to my knowledge, one of the few teams that keeps most of its players from their own rookery is Barcelona. The rest don't. The record should be set straight."

Aguero does admit that City failed their Champions League assignment this season but hopes for more luck in the future.

He continued: "It was painful because we had high hopes. But it was a very intense group. The champions from Spain, Netherlands and Germany, no less.

"But this is the way football is, and everything adds up to the experience. The Champions League is a pending assignment for us and Im sure that the future holds better things."

Aguero misses Manchester City's FA Cup third-round tie against Watford on Saturday and bemoaned City's luck with injuries in general this season.

He added: "Keep in mind that this season, a lot of our key players were injured: Nasri, Silva, Kompany, Clichy, Micah Richards, my own knee… it´s not an excuse, but it does influence our game."