Word on the Tweet: Michael Owen learns a talent and McClaren loses his Dutch accent

The Stoke striker gets handy in the kitchen whilst attending a charity event at the Britannia Stadium, but Gareth Southgate can't get to grips with the modern Stamford Bridge

It's that time again when we bring you all the action from around the world of Twitter, and as usual our football friends have been tweeting away to their heart's content.

Whether it's Stoke striker Michael Owen boasting about a new talent, Gary Lineker making a striking observation while watching TV, or David Goodwillie wishing he was back at school, here come the best remarks of the day.

It can only be Goal.com's Wednesday edition of The Word on the Tweet...


"I learnt something new last night. How to cook! Great night at The Brit, hope everyone had a good time."

Stoke striker Michael Owen boasting about his new found skill in the kitchen after winning a charity event at Britannia Stadium.

"Just seen Steve McClaren interviewed on Sky Sports News and he appears to have lost his Dutch accent."

It seems that while watching TV, Gary Lineker has come across a startling revelation that everyone’s favourite former England boss Steve McClaren is no longer speaking with his famous Dutch accent.


"Some people when they walk look down, others look around, other look straight focused, others through sky to look for any of their limits."

Sunderland striker Louis Saha gets awfully deep whilst watching people walking. It seems this international break gives players a bit too much time on their hands.

"Funny how Stamford Bridge has changed since I first played here; Harris Suite, Bonetti Suite, Hollins Suite, Dolce+Gabbana Lounge..."

Gareth Southgate getting quite nostalgic about his visit to Stamford Bridge and hasn't quite come to terms with modern day football. Not a D&G fan, is Gareth.

"I wish it could be like bk at school wen everyday was fun."

Crystal Palace striker David Goodwillie wishes he could be back at school when apparently every day a good laugh. I take it playing football everyday isn't?


"African parents are so loud on the phone. I mean mum u don't need to scream she can perfectly hear you."

Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong isn't happy with his mum's phone etiquette as she's disturbing him from whatever fascinating thing he's up to in this international week.


"Can't wait for the game for Nigeria we want to make everyone proud."

Chelsea winger Victor Moses is gearing up for Nigeria's match against Liberia and is again anxious to make his countrymen proud.

"Neil Taylor said a pound a person and he will get in Twitter! Haha."

The banter between Swansea duo Nathan Dyer and Neil Taylor continues as the Welshman will only get on Twitter with bribery. Considering he’s out for the season he could do worse things with his time.