Blackburn Rovers boss Steve Kean likens new signing David Goodwillie to a young Wayne Rooney

The Scot has set his sights on bolstering his squad but saved praise for his newest acquisition, comparing him to the England international as he tries to blend old with new
Blackburn Rovers boss Steve Kean has likened his new signing David Goodwillie to a young Wayne Rooney.

The striker was bought for around £2 million from Scottish Premier League side Dundee United and his new boss has wasted little time in praising his acquisition.

He told the Lancashire Telegraph: "David has always been put on a parallel with a young Wayne Rooney and you can see that when you see him play.

"He can score all types of goals, not just nice build ups and a tap in.

“He can create a goal for himself, score from outside the box, he can chip them in, pass them in, smash them in.

"We don’t mind how they go in because that is what we need at the club, a natural finisher, and that is something he is."

Kean has four active bids for players and revealed a desire for another striker, midfielder and a defender before the transfer window shuts.

He has already signed Radosav Petrovic and Myles Anderson and is looking to add more players to try and find the right balance between future prospects and old hands.

The Glaswegian has also said he has been fully supported in the transfer market and it is down to him to stop bidding for a player if the price gets too high, and not the board.

He added: "We would like another established striker and that is what we will trying to be doing in this window.

"It has been slow, I sound like a broken record, but we have four active bids sitting on the tables of other clubs and we hope something will be accepted.

“We had a Spanish target, a senior one who was high up on the list, but it started at £12m but went up to £18m.

"It gets to a point where you have to cut off and say ‘that is too rich, it is not the value we are trying to get’ and you move on to someone else.

“All we are doing is putting names into the owners and I am confident we will get people with pedigree and people who will cost money at the top end of the pitch.

He continued: "I think there is a restructure on what we are trying to do with the debt of the football club.

“What I have done is I have gone for a player and when it has got to a level where it has proved too expensive I have advised the owners to pull out.

“Then we have gone for another target, like David, it kept going up but I said that was still good value and they were happy with that.

"They told me to tell them when it was too much.”