Patrick Vieira tells Manchester City fans to trust Roberto Mancini over Carlos Tevez

The former midfielder, who now works in an executive role in youth development, says the manager is the ideal person to handle the ongoing transfer saga surrounding the Argentine
Former Manchester City midfielder Patrick Vieira has urged fans of the club to trust manager Roberto Mancini, particularly as the transfer speculation surrounding striker Carlos Tevez continues.

Vieira, who is now in an executive role in youth development at the club, has spoken of his complete faith in Mancini, and that he sees him as the ideal man to weather the transfer storm that continues to swirl around Tevez.

Vieira told The Daily Mirror: “What I respect most about Mancini is that he isn’t afraid to make the big decisions.

“Remember last summer when he allowed Craig Bellamy to join Cardiff – even though he knew this was a player the fans loved.

“This time he is having to manage a difficult situation with Carlos Tevez.

“But having to take these big decisions will not worry him.

“Whether he makes the right choice or the wrong choice, Mancini is someone who is brave to make a decision and move on.

“He always looks at the big picture.

“Whether Carlos stays or leaves, the only thing Mancini will be thinking about is what is right for the team so that he can win more silverware.

“It takes time for fans to trust a manager, but winning the FA Cup and finishing third will make the fans believe in Roberto.

“He will not worry one bit about what other people think.

“He can be ruthless with players – but great managers like [Sir Alex] Ferguson, [Arsene] Wenger and [Jose] Mourinho all have that gift.”

Vieira has also said that while expectations will grow around Manchester City, Mancini will be able to handle the pressure.

He added:  “There were a lot of things said about the manager last season, about what would happen to him if he wasn’t successful.

“If anything, the pressure will be even more this season because the expectations will grow.

“But I don’t think pressure is something that Mancini worries about because he has worked under pressure all his life.

“No-one will put Roberto under more pressure than he does himself.

“He doesn’t just want to win, he expects to win. That is his mentality.

“He was happy to win the FA Cup for City, but he will want that to be the start.

“Mancini didn’t come to England just to win the Cup. He came here to win the league.

“He wants to win the ­Champions League for Manchester City.

“If he didn’t believe that the club was in a position to let him achieve his ambitions then he wouldn’t have come here.

“Being faced by Ferguson and Wenger won’t worry him.

“Sure, those men are managers he respects, but he has a belief that he can beat them.”