Fulham midfielder Danny Murphy: I never fell out with Martin Jol at Tottenham

Captain insists that there were never any clashes between him and Dutchman at White Hart Lane, and says loss of form was down to grief after death of his father
Fulham midfielder Danny Murphy is adamant that there was never any falling out between him and former Tottenham manager Martin Jol during his time at White Hart Lane.

During his spell in north London, Murphy was unable to land a regular place in the starting XI, leading to reports that he did not get along well with Jol.

However, the 34-year-old has denied these claims and admitted that his form at Spurs suffered as a result of the death of his father rather than any quarrels with the now Fulham boss.
He told the club's official website: "Me and Martin never fell out - far from it.

"There were a lot of different factors that I didn't speak about at Tottenham.

"My Dad died when I was in my only full season at Tottenham and it wasn't something I started talking about in the papers as I didn't think it was relevant at the time.

"I was out of the scene for the best part of two months and obviously you lose some fitness and things didn't quite go well.

“When I did get a chance there was quality around me. I can't remember how many games I played in a run, probably eight or 10 in my best run, and I did okay but I didn't play as well as I could have.

"Of course when you're in the middle of it you'll have a difference of opinion because you think you should be playing.

“You've got to remember there was a hell of a good squad at Tottenham at that time and international players and looking back it was a good learning curve for me because it gave me a kick up the backside to kick on and move on, do something different and become a better player.

"Whilst I was doing well at Fulham in my first year or two, Martin contacted me a couple of times to say 'well done'.

“We had contact after I'd left Tottenham and we always got on. I knew that he'd want to play football and I knew he knew my qualities - after all he took me to Tottenham.

"He watches a lot of games and he knows what I've been doing and what I've achieved since I've been here so in that respect I don't feel like I've got anything to prove.

“He knows my quality and I know the way he works. He's been great since he got here.

“I'm still captain and still playing and as long as I keep doing it on the pitch I'm sure that will remain the case."

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