Manchester United fans 'cautiously welcome' reports Glazer family will float club on stock exchange

Fans of the Premier League champions keen for the club to become fan run after reports emerged that the American owners are ready to float shares on the stock exchange
Manchester United fans have said they would "cautiously welcome" a move by club owners the Glazer family to float the club on the stock exchange.

But fans are simultaneously worried the American family will walk away with a large profit while their club struggles financially, but are pleased fans will get the chance to share ownership of the Premier League champions.

A statement from the Manchester United Supporters Trust [MUST] said: "If this report proves to be well founded the prospect of a flotation of Manchester United is one that many supporters would cautiously welcome because it could be an opportunity for supporters to once again share in ownership of their club.

"However three immediate concerns spring to mind. Firstly that this would have to be a full IPO signalling a clean exit for the Glazers. Secondly the valuation would have to be realistic - something closer to £1 billion rather than the £1.5bn+ that the Glazers seem to feel is possible.

"Thirdly shares should be freely available to all MUFC supporters and certainly floated on the UK market to maximise accessibility."

And the group went on to suggest that the best case scenario would be for the club to be totally fan run, much like the break-away team FC United of Manchester, which was set up in protest at the Glazers' reign.

"Of course many supporters would hate to see the Glazers walk away with a huge profit but in the end it isn't about them," the statement continued.

"It is about what is best for Manchester United - the Football Club and its supporters. Until their drain on our finances is removed we will never be able to compete on a level playing field with the best in the world."

"MUST's avowed aim - our inspirational dream - is Manchester United FC owned by the fans and run for the fans."

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