Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson glad he is not a young boss & admits management is a ‘precarious industry’

Scot insists that the managers of today face a lot more pressure than back when he started out, and still finds it surprising that West Brom sacked Roberto di Matteo
Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson believes it is much harder for young managers now than it was when he started in the game.

The Scot believes that the clubs are not willing to give new managers a chance, and pose tough challenges to upcoming bosses.

Sir Alex had a difficult time early on in his career at Old Trafford, before taking the club to a plethora of honours in a spell that has lasted 25 years.

He was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail: "I’m glad I’m not coming into the game nowadays.

"It’s full of difficult situations – handling the media is difficult, then you have to deal with the players’ profiles and agents, and there are different types of chairmen to when I started.

"I think it’s often a knee-jerk reaction to sack managers – their performances are assessed very, very quickly and that’s a big, big challenge in the game.

"More than ever, management is a precarious industry. I say to all the young managers that the first thing they need is a good chairman."

The 69-year-old cited West Brom parting ways with Roberto di Matteo to add weight to his claims, adding: "There has been a lot of unusual sackings lately which I've found hard to understand.

"Roberto di Matteo was probably one of the most surprising of the season because West Brom were playing arguably some of the most attractive football in the Barclays Premier League and scoring goals.

"The threat of them going down was probably why Roberto lost his job. But I would rather watch a team playing the right way, whether they went down or not."

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