Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger calls for referees to be drawn from a ballot 48 hours before each game

Gunners boss believes this is the only way to make sure officials can't be influenced, on the same day Sir Alex Ferguson is charged for calling Howard Webb the best ref in England
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has called for a complete overhaul of the referee system to make the system fairer.

The Frenchman has put forward a new system where nobody knows who the referee will be before a match, with a draw undertaken two days beforehand to decide which officials will be sent to each ground.

His comments come on the same day that Sir Alex Ferguson was charged for comments praising Howard Webb before his side's match against Chelsea last week, breaking FA rules which state referees should not be talked about prior to kick-off.

To Wenger, these rules are out-dated and need to be changed and the Gunners boss has offered his perspective as to how best to implement a new system.

"I believe you should not know the name of a referee before the game. It should be a draw 48 hours before the game for everybody and nobody should know who is to referee what game," he told reporters.

"That would keep eveyrone out of any problems with ref before a game. It should, in the pro game, be systematically a draw two days before the game.

"England is not a big country its not a problem to move if a referee are identify to support this club you can keep them out of the draw, but  believe it would be the best way to take any suspicion away and to give some power to people who name the referees before the games.

"It's the same in Europe, for me it should be the same."

Ferguson's charge comes not long after he was given a five-match touchline ban for comments made about Martin Atkinson following his side's 2-1 defeat against Chelsea in the reverse fixture earlier this season.

The Manchester United boss has a reputation for criticising referees, but Wenger found it surprising that the FA charged him after complimenting Webb, who took control of the World Cup final.

He joked: "I'm not used to him being complimentary, it was a shock to me! It doesn't look very serious, he is entitled to have that opinion.

"It doesn't look for me at least a major problem, to say that somebody is good, I wouldn't charge him for that.

"Before a game I don't like commenting on the referee, personally. You [will] never have heard me saying anything about a referee before a game, after I can understand that a manager should have the freedom to express his opinions because the frustration sometimes is so big, but I think before the game you have to give the ref any chance to go with clear ideas and without any pressure."

Meanwhile, Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti admitted his suprise that the United boss had been punished by the FA.

"I think he spoke positively about Howard Webb," Ancelotti told reporters.

"I don't think he tried to put pressure on the referee before the game."

Ancelotti can count himself fortunate not to be charged himself given he expressed similar sentiments prior to the Old Trafford clash.

"I am surprised about this," agreed the Italian.

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