Liverpool defender Daniel Agger refutes criticism of manager Roy Hodgson

Dane 'happy' at Anfield...
Daniel Agger has hit back at suggestions he was unhappy with new manager Roy Hodgson's style and insisted he is "happy" at Liverpool.

Agger, 25, told Danish TV after the 3-2 weekend defeat to Manchester United that he was unsettled by the instructions given by Hodgson not to play the ball across the floor from the back.

Speaking to the club's official website however, the Denmark international insisted his words had been taken out of context.

"I am very disappointed with the papers in Denmark for the way they have done this story," Agger said.

"I spoke to Danish TV after the game on Sunday and answered the questions that were put to me. I didn't speak to the papers.

"The problem was the questions never appeared on TV, only the answers did, and then the newspapers put their own questions in. What came out was one hundred per cent wrong and that is why I am very disappointed.

"An example is the quote about me not playing long balls. The TV journalist asked me what I needed to do to get back into the team and suggested I should start hitting more long balls. I said I wouldn't do that because I'm not that kind of player. That's where that quote came from.

"I actually think we play good football and that we have showed that against Manchester United and against Arsenal.

"What I don't understand is that it was only a few days ago when I spoke to the media ahead of the Steaua Bucharest game and I think I said everybody at the club was happier now with the new manager, the new players and the new methods. It's strange to read this just a few days later but that's the way the media works, especially in Denmark. They don't have much to write about so they look for every little thing and try to make a big sensation out of it.

"I have been involved in every game this season. Of course I'm disappointed when I'm not in the team, but I have been here for five years and really like it here. I wouldn't have stayed for this long if I didn't like it or if I was unhappy. I am still happy and will keep fighting for my place."

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