Keith Harris admits there's not much point in Red Knights making a bid for Manchester United

Glazers not interested in selling the club...
Keith Harris, one of the leading figures in the Red Knights bid to stage a takeover of Manchester United, has admitted that any move is pointless, with the Glazers refusing to sell.

After shelving their bid to buy the club earlier this year, Harris believes that the American owners' current stance would make any bid a waste of time.

"The message I thought came loud and clear from the current owners that they are not interested in selling it," Harris told Sky Sports News.

"I've been around long enough in the trading business to know that for a trade to happen it requires a seller and a buyer who will meet.

"If the owner is not a seller and owns all of it and isn't under pressure to sell it then there isn't going to be a deal.

"I don't think there's any point [in a bid]. If you had such a clear message that the current owners don't want to meet with a prospective buyer then I think you've got to say 'there's no purpose in tabling a bid'.

"Bids were tabled in the past and were declined. They obviously don't feel under pressure or under desire to do it today."

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