Adriano offered himself to Palmeiras, reveals president

Club officials have admitted the former Inter star has approached them in the hopes of returning to football, though they say nothing formal has yet been arranged
Former Brazil striker Adriano has contacted Palmeiras and offered to play for the side, according to the club's president.

The 31-year-old free agent - who has struggled with injury and poor fitness of late - has been without a club since his contract with Flamengo expired at the end of 2012.

However, while admitting that communication had been established between both parties, directors of the Sao Paolo-based club have denied any formal arrangements have been made to take on the striker.

"Adriano searched us out last month [February] offering to play for us, but while we are grateful to have an option on such a player, there is nothing beyong that," president Paulo Nobre announced to Globoesporte.

"From the moment that he takes the first step to get back in shape though, we'll help. We're willing to employ our professionals to guide him. We want to help Adriano, even with human issues.

"But so far, we have not yet moved to arrange anything.

"Palmeiras don't rule out signing great players and if he is fully fit, he fits in," added executive director Jose Carlos Brunoro.

"If Adriano proves that he is fully recovered and has a career, a financial and personal project, we would accept to talk. Since that first call however, he hasn't contacted us again, so we didn't talk about anything else."