World Cup 2010 winners Spain will go on to take many more titles - Spanish legend Luis Suarez

'Original' Suarez has revealed that he's confident in current crop of stars...

Spain beat Netherlands 1-0 in the final of the 2010 World Cup to win their first world title in history on Sunday.

Former Barcelona and Inter star Luis Suarez, who was part of the Spain set-up that won the 1964 European Championships, was over the moon with the Furia Roja's success, but pointed out that there's more to come for the Iberians. Mister Suarez, how do you feel after the triumph of Spain's national side at the 2010 World Cup?

Suarez: “I'm really happy and satisfied with the win. After winning two European titles we've finally won the World Cup for the first time in history. I believe the team can continue to perform well in the future. Most of the players are still young and have a bright future ahead of them. This title is just the beginning for Spain. We can win many more titles."

Spain have always had great players. What's the difference between this team and the squads from the past?

“The previous teams have always had good players, but not in all 11 positions. The current team is very complete without any weak areas. We have important players in every position. Additionally, the team has also had the luck that other big teams were not in perfect condition here. That made Del Bosque's task a lot easier."

Main man | Suarez identifies Xavi as this Spain side's key player

What are the differences and similarities between your Spain squad that won the 1964 European title and the current squad.

“A lot of time has passed between these two titles, so it's difficult to make any comparisons. You could say that my team passed the ball forward a lot faster, while the current squad involves all the players and more players touch the ball before the forwards are reached."

What players of the current Spain squad do you like the most?

“Without a doubt, the most efficient and consistent player has been Xavi. But the biggest weapon of the current team is that they don't rely on only one player. All the players have done a great job to help Spain to the final. Shot stopper Iker Casillas deserves a special mention, because he was decisive in the final against Netherlands." 

What do you think of the level of football played at the 2010 World Cup?

“It has been a pretty normal World Cup without any great performances. Most of the teams have focused more on defending than on attacking. All the coaches have opted to play with a lot of midfielders and the wingers always had a lot of defensive duties as well. A bit like Goran Pandev and Samuel Eto'o under Jose Mourinho at Inter."

Which teams have been a positive surprise and which were the biggest disappointments?

“Italy and England were the biggest disappointments, but Brazil and Argentina also failed to live up to the expectations. There were two positive surprises for me. Joachim Loew's Germany had a lot of young players and played nice and attacking football. Then there's Uruguay, they were eliminated because they had some bad luck in the end."

Which players impressed you most at the World Cup?

“I have to say that I really enjoyed watching Diego Forlan. He didn't play in a big team, which made it more difficult for him to shine. He really put in some superb performances though and was very efficient. He'd be a perfect attacker for any big club. He works hard for the team, never stops running to create space and scores plenty of goals, too. He has an excellent mentality as well and I really don't understand why he doesn't play at a bigger club."

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