World Cup 2010: Dutch legend Johan Cruyff views Spain as final favourites

The Barcelona president of honour believes la Furia Roja best exemplify the spirit of football...
Dutch legend and Barcelona president of honour Johan Cruyff has given his opinion on the upcoming World Cup final on Sunday between the Netherlands and Spain, declaring la Furia Roja as favourites.

"Their football last night against a powerful Germany demonstrates their quality," Cruyff told the press.

"Spain are a copy of Barcelona, the best advertisement of football. They play well, wanting to please, and champion an offensive style of football. They will have more chances to win.

"Yesterday evening [Wednesday] Germany, which put on a display against Argentina, played football which would have been enough to beat any team but not Spain."

Cruyff went on to write in his weekly column in Barcelona-based publication El Periodico that he believes that the Netherlands would have preferred to play Germany in the final.

"Every Dutchman wanted to play Germany in the final for two fundamental reasons: one, they would want to beat Germany in the final, remembering 1974; and two, Spain like to keep the ball while Holland, who are less physically imposing and conditioned than Germany, know they cannot pursue the ball for the whole of 90 minutes," he wrote.

"Who am I supporting? I am Dutch but I support the football that Spain is playing."

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