UK Prime Minister David Cameron calls for football to use video technology after England's exit from World Cup 2010

Cricket and tennis fan wants football to move with times...
UK Prime Minister David Cameron has backed calls for the introduction of video technology to help match officals in football after England crashed out of the World Cup on Sunday.

Despite the fact that they were humbled 4-1, some have pinpointed the referee's decision to disallow a Frank Lampard strike which had clearly crossed the line, as the issue which cost the Three Lions the match.

Conservative leader Cameron, who confesses that his main sporting interests lie outside football, thinks that the game should take its cue from other sports.

"I do think that the use of technology in sport can be a bonus," Cameron told reporters.

"I'm a keen follower of cricket and tennis and I think the third umpire has been a great thing and the machines that bleep at Wimbledon are quite handy too.

"Maybe that's something that football could now have a look at."

Cameron did decline to comment on whether or not the England team now needed a change of manager.

"I felt very disappointed, but it is not for me to choose the England manager," he said.

"We can just reflect that Germany played very well and we have some questions to ask.

"Everyone in the country will be disappointed with the result, but these things happen. At least with a scoreline like that we can't say we were robbed. We weren't. We were beaten."

The Prime Minister did feel though that it wasn't his place to comment on whether or not the England players should donate their match fees to charity - something that was publicly pledged before the tournament and launched with a poster campiagn proclaiming ‘Together We’re Stronger'.

"I don't want to get involved, tempting though it is," Cameron said.

"I have enough cutting the Cabinet's pay without getting stuck into the England football team.

"I am a great believer in exercising responsibility at the correct level and I don't think it's the responsibility of the Prime Minister to get too involved in the remuneration of the England football team.

"But I am sure that suggestion will be taken carefully into account."

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