World Cup 2010: Cameroon coach Paul Le Guen to drop Carlos Kameni and Alexandre Song from starting XI

Two superstars surprisingly axed...
When yesterday's press conference started, not a single member of the Cameroonian press seemed ready to hear what was about to emerge from Paul Le Guen's lips when he was asked if he was still hesitating on who should be starting in Monday's confrontation against Japan.

"We've had three weeks of training very hard and I have a better idea of my squad now," explained Le Guen.

"Concerning the hierarchy of keepers, Souleymanou will start, the number two will be Kameni and Ndy Assembe will be third."

In one little sentence, the French manager stopped seven consecutive years of Idriss Carlos Kameni's reign that had been crumbling in recent months.

After a shaky Africa Cup of Nations, everyone was expecting him to get better, but his performances during the preparation phase were more than disappointing. The Espanyol player may also be the victim off the recent firing of his mentor and Cameroonian legend Thomas N'kono.

Kameni not playing in the World Cup is a piece of news that will resound back in Cameroon as he is one of the biggest stars in the country; as will the news that the 36-year-old Hamidou Souleymanou will be starting his first World Cup.

Another huge surprise in the line-up is the apparent absence of Alexandre Song. Le Guen explained the Arsenal man could miss the first match but gave few reasons for the potential omission.

"Alexandre Song may not start the first match against Japan. This does not mean there is anything bad about him," said Le Guen.

"He is one of our great players. It's just that I want to start the tournament with the most competitive team possible."

Yet Song has been the best Cameroonian player in the last year, without a shadow of a doubt and his absence is shrouded in mystery.

A lot of people are pointing to the different clans in the squad and Le Guen's inability to resist changing his team. But then again, Song didn't play in the last month of the season with Arsenal as he was injured, and though physically fine now, he may be be quite as fit as he could have been. Therefore, there are many possible reasons for his absence.

It is also worth remembering a recent declaration of Paul Le Guen when he accused the younger Song of not being involved enough or motivated enough. Yet even so, Song not starting the World Cup is shocking news.

Indeed now that he is in South Africa, Paul Le Guen seems to be running for it and putting the best team possible on the teamsheet, no matter the status or charisma of the cut players.

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